HK here we go!

I traveled for the very first time with Zack minus Daddy to Hong Kong for my cousin’s wedding. My parents were with me so i did have an extra hand, but it was a really challenging trip having to watch the kiddo without David’s help.

We flew on Cathay Pacific and Zack has his own seat as he has just turned two. I must say the airline is very kid friendly, they have special menus for little ones, and what i really liked was that they even had an activity box for children to occupy themselves with during the 3.5 hour flight.


This was an easier one for me having endured a long haul flight before; i knew what to expect, and Zack was also surprisingly quite well mannered throughout the journey. We even managed to sneak in a short nap which allowed me time to have my meal in peace.


It was a really short trip, and we spent most of our time with our relatives. We were after all attending a wedding! There was the pre-wedding dinner which is similar to how we host a buffet party–but due to their lack of space they usually host it at a restaurant. There’s a lot of culture that the Chinese in Hong Kong still follow, including the combing of the hair and also prayers to the ancestors the night before the wedding.

On the morning of the wedding it was a typical sight to what we are used to–the groom arrives to greet her bride, but is instead greeted by her ji muis who put the groom and his heng dais through a series of games and “torture”. It was amusing to see the similarities in the tradition and culture that i’m familiar with here in Malaysia.

What i wasn’t too used to  was the size of property in Hong Kong. My uncle and aunt live in a 4 bedroom, 1200 sqf apartment in Mid Levels. It is said to be an exceptionally large space to be living in, but it was a claustrophobic experience for me with 50 odd people in the house during the jip san leong.

Even our hotel room in Wanchai was so cramped, there wasn’t even space for a regular sized cot. There was barely any space for our luggage; it seemed like they made sure they fully utilised every little space possible! It’s no wonder the price of property on the Island is sky high….


With my Hongkee cousins at the dinner reception in Mongkok


Zack occupying himself with iPad! Thank God for iPad! (he just refused to sit with us at the table the whole nite…until dessert was served -_-“)

The wedding dinner was hosted in Mongkok, which is in Kowloon. We had to take the MTR as most taxis aren’t keen on driving across Tsing Ma bridge as it will cost them extra for the toll as well as the limited likelihood of any passengers wanting to cross over from Kowloon to Island. Having gone sightseeing over the last 2 days with multiple modes of public transportation, I’ve concluded that Hong Kong isn’t a very baby friendly city, due to a few factors:

1. The terrain is very challenging, there are too many hills and slopes making it a lot of steps to go up and go down from one street to the other.

2. Most sidewalks (particularly observed in the Wanchai and Central areas) are not disabled or stroller friendly. They are not covered as well so when it rains…. you have no where to run to!

3.Public transportation is a plenty but strollers are not very easy to maneuver when attempting to get on the MTR, the electric trams or the buses. MTR stations are not very disabled friendly as there is a lack of lifts, and some stations don’t even have escalators. Electric trams have an entry and exit barrier to manage flow of passengers getting on and off, which makes carrying the stroller on board very, very challenging. Taxi drivers are more courteous and it’s likely the best mode of transport when traveling with kids in the Island.

Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun hanging out with Zack. Even managed to get our Nespresso machine, did some shopping, ate alot—I was surprised with the amount of energy i had on this trip! We even managed to galavant around Wanchai and got caught in a rather…heavy shower. Poor Zack was half drenched–poor me was fully drenched! I think the next time we go back to HK we would just focus on Disneyland!


Zack with Po Po and Kong Kong at Hong Kong Park


Someone’s cranky…


Hong Kong Park has a REALLY big playground for toddlers and older kids. Really a must go place — esp if you wanna tire the kids out!


Getting ready to go back to KL!

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