The word confinement on its own sounds way too creepy. It’s as if one is subject to being stuck in a room, held against her will, and not allowed to step out under any circumstances. I can imagine some new moms who had to endure this treatment, listening to horror stories from friends (and friends of friends!).

My confinement has been 70% enjoyable. My confinement nanny is a great cook, very friendly, takes very good care of Zack, and is very dedicated to her job. She’s not kolot like a lot of the older confinement nannies (i.e. I’ve heard about how you’re not supposed to say nice things to your baby instead, say the opposite — like you’re so ugly or you’re so naughty–don’t know the logic behind that). She’s also very particular about hygiene and cleanliness, does all of baby’s laundry (including mine!) and a very patient teacher too! She has been showing me the ropes on burping baby, bathing him, and making him feel comfortable. The way she handles my lil’ boy, you can really see that she loves him like her own. I’m really blessed to have her around. If anyone is looking for a confinement nanny in the future, I’ll be happy to give you her number!

The other 30% I’m not very happy about are some silly rules I’ve to put up with. I’m allowed one shower a day (between 12 noon to 2pm). I really can’t understand this rule. If I sweat or feel sticky any time of the day, I wanna be able to take a shower. I’ve not followed this rule at all and have been bathing at anytime of the day that I want to. In fact, more than one time! Secondly, the rule about washing hair. I think I’m not supposed to even wash my hair but I have. I’ve been quite accommodating on this restriction, limiting myself to a hair wash every 3 days. If there’s one smell that drives me crazy, it’s greasy hair smell. Gives me a bad headache! Thirdly, this drinking red dates water only. Don’t get me wrong, the drink tastes great but I need my plain water. I’ve smuggled plain water into my room on a number of occasions to satisfy my thirst. Fourthly, bedroom slippers and sarong all day? Gawd, the weather is so hot, I ditched the sarong 2nd week into my confinement. Got nagging for wearing shorts, and forgetting to wear my bedroom slippers. Gimme a break, I’m sweating buckets k!

All in all, 3 weeks have zoomed by so quickly and my confinement nanny will be leaving on Sunday next week. I will surely miss her when she leaves but it’s time for me to take over and face reality. Next week we’re moving his cot back into our room so we can practice taking care of him at night. We will survive!


  1. wow… time reali does pass real fast. has it already been 3 weeks?! I’ll be coming to see muffin next week!!!

  2. Adeline Chia says:

    Way to go Pei Chyi.. You can do it =D

  3. enjoy your sleep as much as you can now.

  4. OMG.. next week we’re on our own o_O

  5. Elieen Chong says:

    hi, can i have your confinemnet lady contact number? My edd will be on somewhere around July…

  6. Hi, I’m blog hopping and got caught with this post of yours. I would like to have the contact of your confinement lady if you don’t mind (provided she will service KL/Sel). I’m due early Nov. Many thanks for your help.

  7. hi Eileen and Amy!

    I’ve emailed you both personally with my confinement nanny’s details.

    Enjoy ur pregnancy!

  8. Thanks so much… love your blog.

  9. Hai, can I have your confinement lady’s contact number? My EDD is very very soon in august. Worries now because still don’t get any CL. Most of them were fully booked. Thanks.

  10. Called her but she is already booked all the way to Nov.. such a hot cake.. she must be really good

  11. Hey Amy yeah i know! she was bathing my lil boy when you called, too bad she’s unavailable….guess u gotta keep lookin huh?

  12. Hi there Pei Chyi,
    Happen to find your blog.Hope u cld share the contact details of your confinement lady. Thanks so much!

    btw, cute pics of your baby!


  13. Hi, I am looking for a good CL, then happen to find your blog. Can I have the contact of your CL?? My email or My hp : 013-2722141


  14. wah ee says:

    Hi, i have your CL contact no. ?
    My edd on oct’11. i call so many cl all is have been fully book oledi.
    Can u e-mail to me?

    wah ee

  15. hi there!

    she’s also booked liao as my friend is also EDD on Oct and has booked her already.

  16. Hi, can I have your CL’s contact? My EDD is in Dec, been looking for a months dy but too bad…fully booked.

  17. hi cheryl

    i’ll email u directly

  18. hi peichyi,
    thanks for the post! can u email me ur CL contact number?

    many thanks!!!

  19. emailed!

  20. Hi Pei Chyi,

    Can u email ur CL’s contact details to me?Is she provide service in KL???my EDD is in Feb 2012

  21. replied to you by email!

  22. Can I have the confinement lady’s contact number? My email is

  23. sent the info to you by email!

  24. Hi Pei Chyi, can i have your confinement lady contact details? Can email to Thanks for your help!

  25. Emailed! omg my CL gonna get so many calls from all my referals!

  26. Hi there, am looking for a good confinement last. Am due April 2012. Seems dragon year most good CLs are fully booked! Would you be able to share with me your CL contact? Thks!

  27. I would like to have your confinement lady contact too! Thanks a lot.

  28. I forgot to post my email:

  29. hi Afoomi

    Pls check your email!

  30. Hi peichyi,
    can i hv ur CL contact no? my EDD is on the end of March 2011. thx.

  31. sorry tht forgot to leave my email

  32. hi mandy! ok shall email to u shortly

  33. Hi, can u email me yr CL’s number? Trying my luck to see if she is booked..thx

  34. Hi Pei Chyi,

    Would be grateful if you could pm me you CL’s number at I’m due sept 2012. Thanks.

  35. Hi, Can i have your CL’s contact?

  36. Hi Pei Yi,

    I am currently in my 18th week pregnany and am urgently looking for a good experience confinement lady. I had been starting to calling for the nannies recommended by my friends but mostly of them are not available anymore. My EDD is in the mid of July. Could you please drop me an email regarding ur CL contact number? Appreciate it so much.

  37. Hi Peichyi,

    May i kindly have your CLs number? Its so hard to find a good/reliable one. Thanks!

  38. Hi Pei Chyi,

    Forgot to give u my email address –

  39. Mish, Joey, Joon and Sharon,

    I’ve emailed all of you her details.
    All the best!


  40. Hi, Pei Chyi, please give me the contact of the CL. How much she charged you and how old is she?

  41. Hi,
    Can you please email me the CL contact no.? Thanks.

  42. sudah sent to you email!

  43. Hi, may i have your CL’s contact details. Thank you very much.

  44. hi chin chin,

    i’ve send the details to your email!

  45. Christine says:

    Hi, can I have your CL’s contact?

  46. Hi Christine,

    I’ve sent the details to your email!


  47. Hi, can I have your CL’s contact?

  48. sent the info to your inbox!

  49. Hi, can I have your CL’s contact? Thanks.

  50. hi Lily, I’ve sent the info to your inbox!

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