Zack’s first kiss

While I was away for work last month, our friends Aylwin and Li Ann dropped by my in-law’s place with their 2 kids Arielle and Ashton.  Zack is still a bit “cautious” in front of other babies–not sure if its because he rarely hangs out with other kids OR he’s just a shy baby. I reckon the former cos when he’s around us, he can really turn the house upside down.

Here’s Arielle answering the “phone” and Ashton exploring the surroundings and Zack’s just not sure what’s going on. Then, it happened. My son, my baby boy, my lil tiger… got his first major kiss from a girl! Check out those pouty lips!!

Priceless look on the face or what?

30 hours in Singapore

Last weekend David and I flew to Singapore for Lye Keat and Mei Li’s wedding (part #2). Our friend Josie a.k.a. baby stalker was with us as we took our maiden flight with Firefly down south. The whole Firefly experience was pleasant—Terminal 3 in Subang was like 25 minutes from our place, the refurbished terminal was very clean and not crowded, our flights were on time, and the waiting area was fab. Nothing like the mad-packed low cost carrier terminal in KLIA. I guess it’s cos there’s only 2 airlines operating from Terminal 3, Firefly and Berjaya Air.

IMG_0033 (Custom)

We even had time to take a pic!

Firefly’s fleet is made up of the ATR-500s which are really tiny planes with propellers. I would say it was about the size of 2 buses in length, and the head space is quite limited. David, Josie and I knocked our heads onto the overhead compartment!! I’ve taken similar propeller jet planes before with Cebu Pacific when we flew to Boracay for our honeymoon, so I wasn’t really worried about the plane being all small and wobbly (as some people may say…small = unsafe). Oh and did I mention, we each get a muffin and a cup of juice?

David's mobile office

David’s mobile office at our hotel hee hee… all he needs is coffee for fuel.

Very quickly our 1 hour flight got into Changi Airport’s Budget Terminal and immediately we took a cab and check into our hotel. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Atrium off Outram Road which is a pretty old hotel, though I must say very well maintained, extremely clean and relatively close to the city centre. After chucking our bags we had lunch, met up with my brother for 15 minutes and then off we went shopping! Wheeee! Josie met us up later at Orchard where she had a late lunch and I had my 2nd lunch wtf. I was so hungry even though earlier we already ate prawn mee and carrot cake. It must be from all the walking *shifts blame*.

David got some sketch pads from Muji cos he’s artsy fartsy like that and I got myself a replacement Teva sandals cos my old one is like a piece of disintegrated rubber mat and I could like slip and fall if it was a slippery surface. Slipping and falling at this point in time is not an option. As much as I love shopping in Malaysia but I must admit our neighbour does have more variety when it comes to certain brands and labels. Just like how I got my Microplane zester in Tangs last year. Oh man, that is like my favourite baking tool!

Hubba and me at Lye Keat and Mei Li's wedding in SG

One for the album! Hubba and I (omg my arms so big)

Josie followed us back to our hotel to chillax and get ready for Lye Keat and Mei Li’s wedding dinner at St. Regis. As soon as we stepped into St. Regis, it was like all posh and sparkly and gold and enchanting and…pretty. Awesome. I’ve been into the Burj but the St. Regis had a more personal feeling to it, less showy and grand (as in size) but more majestic in a way. As the ballroom doors opened we made our way to our seats. Mei Li then popped by to say hi and cam whore for a bit before dinner begun. Speaking of dinner—it was fab fab fab! Mainly Chinese inspired, we had a 6-course dinner presented ala-fine dining. Only thing missing was I was sipping water instead of wine wtf.

The fancy schmancy menu at St Regis

After dinner we said our bye byes and walked for a bit down Orchard to see the Christmas lights. They were quite pretty. Odd though, There’s so much emphasis on Christmas decorations but when it comes to Chinese New Year or Hari Raya, we seem to go stingy on making it look “boomz”.

Hosie and I @ Orchard after dinnah

With me and Josie in the pic

X'mas @ Orchard 2009

Without me and Josie in the pic

Next day we got up, had brekkie and went off to Orchard again to meet Mike, Dave’s Twitter friend for brunch. Ok, Josie and my Twitter friend too. Mike and his wife Kathie have 3 sons, sooper adorable and cheeky. When I was having a conversation with Kathie and Josie, Micah (the oldest one) interrupted me and said “excuse me, can you please whisper?” I think he couldn’t hear the sound of the game he was playing on his iPod. So polite, yet so cute!! After brunch we killed some time around Orchard before leaving to the airport and coming home!

All in all 30 hours in Singapore. T’was fun but tiring as we crashed at 9.30pm on Sunday night. Lye Keat and Mei Li, thanks for inviting us to your wedding dinner in Singapore!

Marathon of wedding weekends

Every time November and December comes, it seems David and I get wayyyy more wedding invites than any other months of the year. On 21st of November, I took a drive down to Melaka for a former colleague’s wedding. Ijay and I go way back! We both joined Sony in 2003 as management trainees in the Procurement department. Yea, my first job was in a manufacturing plant, hooray. It was my first time at a Baba & Nyonya wedding, and I must say what an eye opener!

ML (Custom)

Snapshot taken from Mei Li’s wedding photo montage video compiled by Grant Corban (so, its kinda grainy)

Last weekend on the 28th, was a very special day for my former colleague as well. I met Mei Li in Marcus Evans (my second job) and I think we clicked better after we both left ME! A bunch of us former workmates helped her out with her wedding planning including Josie who played the role of wedding coordinator, Grace who was shoulder to cry on/listener during the planning process and yours truly played emcee at her wedding dinner. Nerve wrecking especially when I had to yell “yam seng”. But I pulled through!

photo (Custom)

Look who was chillin’ with me and keeping me calm at Mei Li & Lye Keat’s wedding? Eva, Grace’s lil honey pie

This weekend on Dec 5th we’ll be heading down to Singapore for part 2 of Mei Li’s wedding, this time we’re attending to give emotional support. I hope we  have time to do some Christmas shopping *fingers crossed*! It’ll be our first time flying Firefly and I’m surely going to review how the ride went.

Come next weekend on Dec 13th will be dinner #4. This time my colleague/office clown/TVB drama supplier will be tying the knot with his long time girlfriend. Max and I had a rocky workmate relationship when he first joined the company but as weeks passed and as he let his guard down, he’s one of the best colleagues I’ve ever had and I really enjoy his company (although 50% of the time he can be quite annoying!!). We’ve traveled to numerous events together and he’s really like a father figure to us girls in the office.

Final wedding of the year falls on Dec 26. This one revolves around a very close family friend that we’ve known for more than 10 years. Fook Ming will soon be my neighbour too as he’s going to be moving into the Lagoon Terraces, and we move into Lagoon Villas in 2012!

What a marathon of weddings!