DIY weekend

While Dave was hard-selling Macs at the Discovery Week in Midvalley, I went hunting for materials to make Mei Li‘s flower girl baskets. I love artsy craftsy stuff and I jumped at the opportunity to help this totally chillax-ed bride save some moolah (not that she doesn’t have the moolah *ahem*). Mei Li thanks for trusting me in putting together these lil baskets! Even though I haven’t shown them to you I know deep deep down inside you somewhere, you’d appreciate them as much as your oversized Juicy Couture bedroom slippers.

So, I went hunting in PJ Old Town for the baskets, ribbons, flowers and lace trimmings. Gawd, there’s so many types of baskets, so many shades of pink and brown, so many different ribbon width sizes and too many flower choices to choose from. I was having a headache walking around the shop trying to decide on which ones Mei Li would have given nothing but praises for. I hope they were the right choice.

Voila! Here’s all the stuff we need to get the project started, and I laid them all over my work table:

  1. 3 small + 1 big rattan basket
  2. 1 roll x 1″ wide pastel pink satin ribbon
  3. 1 roll x 0.5″ wide dark brown satin ribbon
  4. 2 meters x 1″ wide pastel pink organza ribbon
  5. 3 meters x dark brown lace trimmings
  6. UHU glue
  7. Hot glue gun + stick of glue
  8. Very sharp scissors
  9. Lighter
  10. Some wires to tie the flowers to the basket


I started by wrapping the basket handles with the pink ribbon. I then wound the brown ribbon over the pink ribbon to resemble a candy cane pattern. So sweet.


Using the hot glue gun, I patiently adhered the lace to the rim of the basket, making lil folds at every inch & a half so the lace would appear to look like a tutu. Ok, not really a tutu, but it just looks more elegant lah. Suffered some hot glue burns over the course of the assembly.


Then, came attaching the flowers. (No photos of them cos I was concentrating so hard, I forgot to take pics). Pushing the stem in between the spacings in basket weave, I then used some wires to secure the flower to the basket, and hid the wires just under the lace. I then used the pastel pink organza ribbon to further secure the stem of the flower to the handle of the basket. With the same ribbons I used to wrap the basket handles, I tied a bow at the other side of the basket handle, just so it didn’t look bare. Ta-da! All 4 baskets were done in 4 hours, in between 3 episodes of The Threshold of a Persona.


Mei Li … proud of me mou? Hope you like ‘em!

Oh oh … and guess how much all the materials cost to made these pretty lil baskets?

Ultimate D-I-Y

Fish. I love fish. Every weekend Dave and I will hang out at the lake in Kota Kemuning (where we live) to feed them and just watch them swim around, dashing for the pellets as we toss them into the water. As the sun sets coupled with the sound of the giant fountain and water crashing into this still, man-made lake–it is really a perfect place to just chillax and let time pass us by. Dave reckons this is way better than having real fish as pets; just pop by every weekend and feed fish then go home and don’t have to worry about water filters, water temperature, and algae problems.diy001My dad loves fish too. He customised and DIY-ed an aquarium in his house, forming an “aqua” wall between the living room and the dining room. He also DIY-ed a tiny pond in the garden, and with mom’s help (plus a couple of bags of cement, bricks and paint) the pond houses hundreds of guppies and a pot of lotus flower plant. He went to the extent of putting together the filtration system and also a mini waterfall feature for the sound effect. The whole project took a couple of weekends to put together and he’s been enjoying the time with the fishies ever since.diy002There’s DIY, and then there’s ultimate DIY. This is what I found on the couch at Father-in-law’s place:diy003

With the help of a contractor (plus endless bags of cement, bricks, soil), he transformed the drawings and figures in this manual into a REAL life sized koi pond, so big you can swim in it. I’m not kidding.diy004

I found out from Mom-in-law that he did extensive research over the innernet, and did the sketching on his own. He then “translated” the design to the contractor, and as of last Saturday (after almost a month of hard work) this is how it looks like.

Although he didn’t go at it hands on, I really am quite amazed at how he found all the information from the innernet and converted it into instructions that the Indonesian contractor could understand. Respect y’all. Oh yeah, and Father-in-law suggested we should swim in it before he releases the kois into the pond. I reckon, we should just release the kois into their new home.

p/s: It’ll probably be another 2-3 weeks before it’s 100% complete and I’ll post a pic of when the kois are reintroduced back into their new home.