Don’t mess with Zack!

I’ve always wondered why

  1. Guys wind down the driver side window put their right hand out of the car as if “clutching” the side of the door? OR resting their elbow on the window frame and grasping the top of the frame with their hand?
  2. Some cars are patched up like Frankenstein? i.e. bonnet, door, back door, spoilers, bumpers all different colours.
  3. People still throw thrash out of the car window. Sometimes you see them toss mangosteen shells or rambutan skins. Wonder anyone tossed durian seeds before?
  4. Dashboards are covered in fur? Zebra, leopard, tiger prints, u name it.
  5. Some drivers hold their SmartTags up when there’s like 5 cars lined up in front of them
  6. We enter parking lots even though the sign says “FULL”?
  7. People place so many stuffed toys at the area between the back seat and the rear door? And why they are obsessed with Pink Panther?
  8. We need to wear our seatbelts when the cops themselves don’t?
  9. Some try so hard to change the branding on their cars? i.e. Perodua Myvi to Toyota Passo?
  10. There are inconsiderate people who park their car in between 2 parking lots. Blind ka?

Winner of worst customer service – Logenhaus Taipan USJ

We had our team lunch today at Logenhaus in Taipan USJ. We’ve never been here and the Bosh suggested trying the place out since 1) it sounded German and 2) they sell beer. The place looks kinda shabby, the décor is minimal and it really didn’t give me the impression that we’re gonna get any good food here (plus I did look up some reviews and they were bad. Really bad).

So we sat down and came this old Chinese lady in her 50s, dressed in a white shirt (somewhat like my secondary school short sleeved white shirt), grey hair, glasses resting on the tip of her nose and speaking in Manglish she took our order. For simplicity sake I’m calling her the CMLWTOO (Chinese Menopausal Lady Who Took Our Order)

She went around the table (there was 15 of us) jotting down the orders and during the whole process from taking our order to waiting for the food to be served to after we were done eating, here’s a snippet of the conversations that took place:

– – – – –

Bosh: Can I have orange juice please?

CMLWTOO: We no have orange juice. (which restaurant doesn’t have orange juice?!?!?!)

Bosh: What do you have?

CMLWTOO: Whatever is in the menu is what we have

– – – – –

Me: I’d like the chicken chop. And can I swap rice with fries?

CMLWTOO: Yours come with fries not rice (with a frown on her face)

Me: Oh…ok. Thanks.

– – – – –

Bosh: Can I have the beef burger? And I’d like to swap the veggies with fries.

CMLWTOO: Sorry, we no have fries, only wedges.

Bosh: You don’t have fries?

CMLWTOO: No fries, only wedges.

Me: Wait a minute, you just said my chicken chop comes with fries? Plus in your menu it says fries?

CMLWTOO: Fries is a simple word. That’s why we use that in the menu. But we no have fries. Just wedges.

Me: (in my mind I was about to throw the pepper and salt shaker at this woman)

Bosh: Ok, wedges is fine with me.

– – – – –

Waiter: (serves everyone a bowl of soup of the day, my Bosh gets a bowl but he wasn’t having the lunch set menu so technically he’s not supposed to get 1)

Bosh: Erm, I ordered a ghoulash.

CMLWTOO: Wait, so you still want your ghoulash? Since you drink the soup already?

Bosh PA: He hasn’t touched it!

Me: Can you take it away and bring his goulash please?

CMLWTOO: (walks away with a tu lan face)

– – – – –

Bosh PA: (as she is sipping her guava juice, CMLWTOO appears….)

CMLWTOO: I think you are drinking apple juice.

Bosh PA: No, its guava juice!

CMLWTOO: No, I think you took your friend’s apple juice

Bosh PA: Hello, I know what I’m drinking ok. You didn’t serve the apple juice to my colleague yet.

CMLWTOO:  (sulking and walks away)

– – – – –

Me: Hi, can I have the dessert menu please?

CMLWTOO: Sorry we only have ice cream

Me: OH-KAY. What flavours do u have?

CMLWTOO: Wait (continues to take coffee and tea orders; of which she suddenly cuts in and says) espresso, sarsi, hazelnut.

Bosh PA: What’s the sarsi one?

CMLWTOO: It’s not sarsi, its Stra-see. Chocolate chip and vanilla (I looked this up on the internet and it’s actually Stracciatella)

Bosh PA: Oh, ok espresso for me

– – – – –

I tell you, I was so pissed with this lady. She was rude, had bad table manners, cocky and think we owe her the world!! Honestly speaking, the mains were mediocre (you could eat it, swallow it, but its not mind blowing) and GAWD the nachos were pathetic! Imagine this – corn chips with sliced olives, with melted cheese on top of ONE corn chip AND sprinkled with green pickled wan tan mee chillies. I almost died.

Bosh’s PA later told us that when she made the booking, and she asked for the name of the person she spoke to (which happened to be CMLWTOO) she merely said “I’m the only lady here”. Double U-Tee-Eff !!!

I award this place for having the worst customer service. Please do not visit Logenhaus for the food is pathetic and you don’t want to endure having to deal with the CMLWTOO. ‘Nuff said.

How Twitter has enriched my life

I joined Twitter on 2 May 2007. The then geek boyfriend (now husband) made me join cos it’s supposed to be like sooper cool. Plus by his standards I was already kinda far behind cos I’m like Twitter user #5,700,352.

I must admit I never really bothered to catch up on the hype then (wasn’t even sure what the hype was) and left it until I started using it again actively late 2008. And even so, I wasn’t following a lot of people except Josie (and plus no one really followed me). In May 2009 I recruited my girlfriends Grace and Mei Li to join the bandwagon and from then it just took off! We recruited more friends and soon enough I was following more people (and more ppl were following me!!). But of course, I probably only have 10% of followers as compared to the geek lah.

In a matter of months, I’ve made friends with so many strangers in Twitterverse. When I have a question, they’ll always have an answer for it. Or when I’m feeling low, there’s always encouragement and words of wisdom shared. Of course there are occasions where you find some really annoying followers who try to be Mr and Ms Know-It-All and giving advice all the time, wtf.

Because of Twitter I bought an iPhone so I could be totally mobile with my social media applications. Seriously, it was one of the main reasons ok!! With Twitter, I feel like I have my friends all around me even though they ain’t physically next to me. And furthermore now that I’m expecting our baby, I’ve gotten to know so many mothers out there who’s given me tips and guidance as I prepare for this next phase in my adult life. I’ve also been very blessed as one of these Twittermoms actually offered to give me her son’s hand-me-downs! I can’t thank you enough @BridalGlam aka Lee Kuen.

I also like how much easier it is to plan outings with my girlfriends now that everyone’s connected on Twitter. And we come to agreements much quicker too than regular email/sms. You literally see the whole planning to completion happen before your eyes. Plus, I find that I’m more in touch with current affairs through Twitter than reading the news. That’s pretty awesome yo.

Twitter has really enriched my life and I sometimes get a little too addicted to it. In fact, David calls me a Twaddict. And you know what’s funny? I think he’s a Twaddict too! As David and I get ready to go to bed, we switch off our room lights, and the last thing we do before we crash is, check Twitter! We just look at each other and laugh our heads off.

If you don’t have an account, get Twitter today. It’s the right thing to do.

Bye Bye 2009!

In a blink of an eye, 365 days had passed. Do you realise that time passes quicker when you’re an adult and slower if you’re a kid? To be precise a kid stuck in Form 2? The last week of my 2009 flew by like a breeze up a chiffon skirt but I managed to squeeze in a lot! I documented it just to see how much I could do when I’m on leave/holiday whoopee!

1. I went on a baking spree to clear up my pantry

2. We had a maternity photoshoot (once we get them we’ll share ‘em!)

3. We decided on Muffin’s 1st name (it deserves a separate blog post :P)

4. I watched Avatar 2 times, second time around in 3D!

5. I roasted my 1st Christmas turkey

6. I paid my traffic offence summon. P/S: Those red light cameras along Old Klang Road are working!!

7. I renewed my car insurance and road tax

8. I successfully bought 90% of Muffin’s stuff

9. We re-signed our home loan agreement papers because the bank decided to change the format of their agreement 2 days after we signed the 1st version.

10. I’ve settled in the fact that I have stretch marks. And inevitably the last of my pre-pregnancy jeans which was still wearable up to today until I started feeling really uncomfortable after lunch is going into cold storage for the mo.

11. I swapped my iPhone with David cos he needs the speed more than me. Did I mention I have a new bling casing? w00t!

12. And that spending 24/7 with David during the holidays is the best feeling in the world!

So, Happy New Year to all, and party safe. Dave and I are popping a non-alcoholic bubbly tonight as we countdown to 2010 from the comfort of our couch.

Christmas break

So, for the last 6 years of my working life I’ve maintained a practice to burn all of my annual leave at the end of the year from Christmas on to New Year’s. This year it’s no different. Somehow the break gives me a sense of feeling like I’m just like the school kids, I can has my own holiday too, can?

Here’s what I have planned/lined up for my break:

  1. Prepping for Christmas dinner with the family – I’m roasting my very 1st turkey this year, wish me luck!
  2. Maternity photoshoot with hubba bubba – I’ll post ‘em pics when we get them
  3. Attend a wedding lunch of a close family friend and spend time with my brother (if he can actually get up at a more humane time *ahem*)
  4. Go to Bukit Aman Police Station to appeal and get a discount (or if cannot just pay lor *sobs*) for a traffic light offence that I committed sometime last year (and amazingly just got the summons last week)
  5. Renew my car insurance
  6. Renew my car road tax (notice I have to settle my summons first, cos I’m not sure if I can renew my car road tax if I don’t attempt point no. 4)
  7. Buy the rest of Muffin’s stuff while the Year End Sale is still on
  8. Clean up my room at my parent’s place cos I will be confined there when Muffin arrives

I’ll stop at 8 cos it’s an auspicious number and I think I can only manage 8 things to do anyway or else my break will make me exhausted rather than well rested. Looking forward to 1pm on Christmas eve when my break officially begins!

P1000827 (Custom)

Photo stolen from Hosie’s blog. okthxbai

To close I would like to share here a photo of me with Double L and Hosie taken at St Regis during @amTaurus and @keattie’s wedding dinner. I like this photo because:

  • It conceals my super big arms, thighs, body, stomach, hips (insert body part names here)
  • I am afraid to take photos by myself unless I have friends helping to cover up for me
  • I think I look kinda sweet here *self praise*

Have a blessed Christmas and happy holidays everybody!


I’m 21 weeks into my pregnancy, and I’ve been having a lot of dreams. Dreams that don’t make sense. Dreams that are so real, you wake up thinking it is real, then you’re relieved that it isn’t real. And also dreams so unreal, that seemed so real. Well, you get the picture.

Anyway, last night I had one of the weirdest dreams ever. So strange and bizarre I can remember a lot of details from the dream. I’ll start with a bit of background first; I’m playing emcee at @amTaurus‘ wedding this weekend. The weeks and months leading to the wedding both of us have been having crazy dreams (her mostly) and it evolved around how she was late for her wedding, and how she was stranded in a street market looking for her hotel room.

The dream I had last nite also evolved around her wedding. I dreamt that I FFK-ed her. I didn’t show up at the wedding, and then I realised I needed to be there because I was the emcee, I immediately made my way to Westin!! As I got there, somehow @amTaurus was all dressed up in her wedding gown, outside the lobby on the street, making some kung-fu/taekwondo moves. We both caught a glance of each other and she walked over to me. I thought she was going to chop me to pieces. I said sorry, and we immediately went back into the ballroom and me, up to the stage, behind the podium.

I got there in time for the toasting ceremony. There I was, saying my hellos to the guests, and right in front of me, on the lectern, there was a plate with a steak on it. I started to cut up the steak, and described how it was so well marinated and cooked. I then went on and cut up another piece of the steak, picked it up with my hands, and announced to the crowd, “Do you know what’s the best part of the steak? It’s the tendon!”. I might be going mad.

I suspect the steak came into the picture because I was watching Bear Grylls lugging around a leg of deer as he made his way through the Artic, just before I went to bed last night. As for the karate moves that @amTaurus was “performing” right outside the hotel lobby, I really couldn’t figure out why she was doing that.

Other “memorable” dreams I’ve had over the last couple of months included me being stranded in a desert, with my iPhone (yes, I am connected!) and then over the horizon I see a red airplane flying really low, and then it crashes into the sand like right before me. The first thing I did was take a TwitPic and it said “AirAsia crashes right before my eyes”. I didn’t even like walk up to the plane to see if we could find any survivors. I was more concerned about being the 1st one with the news all over Twitter! WTF!

On another occasion, I had delivered Muffin, and we were out and about, Muffin in stroller and then someone came up to me and asked if Muffin was a boy or a girl. I simply looked at David and asked him, “eh, boy or girl ah?”. Obviously … we didn’t know! Goodness me.

I believe I had other dreams which were just as wacko as the ones I’ve just described but chose to forget them cos some were really, not very nice. I think I should write a book using the material from all the dreams I’ve had, and call it “A collection of the world’s weirdest and nonsensical dreams told in simple Manglish”.

10 signs you’ve advanced into auntie-level

Part 1 – Supermarket Scenario

  1. You know the market price of common household items like toilet paper, detergent and dishwashing liquid
  2. You compare prices of these common household items at Giant, Carrefour and Tesco
  3. You collect coupons to buy these common household items at a discounted price
  4. You lookout for promotions in newspaper ads and go on said days just so you can save 10% off these common household items
  5. You bring your loyalty card when you shop at Giant, Carrefour and Tesco
  6. You redeem your loyalty card points for some stainless steel pots or a 20-pc ceramic dining set
  7. You keep going back to shop at Giant, Carrefour and Tesco for the sake of collecting these points
  8. You take extra plastic bags from the fruit/vegetable area to re-pack your frozen meat/fish at home
  9. You take extra plastic bags upon check out to use as rubbish bags at home
  10. You unconsciously are unaware that you do all the above successfully

i’ve been Schmap-ed!

I’m schooooo happy! It was worth every single gram of that heavy-in-weight, 2nd hand, Canon 400D that we lugged to Melbourne and Paris early this year. FOUR of our photos from our holidays were picked to be featured in‘s local travel guides—WAY-HO!

Schmap is a leading publisher of digital travel guides for 200 destinations throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. More than 90 million Schmap Guides have been downloaded since first release in March 2006: this phenomenally popular series can also be browsed online, with versions optimized for iPhone and Nokia users. HOW COOL IS THAT?

Anyhoo, thanks to the simplicity of iPhoto, I managed all our photos and named them very specifically so we won’t forget where we stepped foot on and then directly uploaded all our pics onto our FlickrPro account (which btw, rocks). Because of our accuracy and detailed description of all the pics, it made it easy for companies like Schmap to find our photos. Over a month ago we were told that our pics had been shortlisted, and finally we received an email days ago confirming 4 of the photos made it! Yay!

So enuff with the fluff here are some screenshots of the pics used in the Schmap guides for Melbourne and Paris. Click on them photos to go directly to Schmap where these photos are posted


Ah, nothing like seeing your name in print.

i can’t believe this

Here i am, on a Sunday night, sitting in Starbucks, Dave trying to close a deal and also helping a friend out with adhering the ZAGG invisible shield onto her iPhone … and i’m monitoring the stats on this:

Picture 1

The last week i had been hooked on Restaurant City, taking all kinds of measures to get the ingredients that i want, adding random friends that i don’t even know just so i can get free ingredients, and even coming up with a spreadsheet put on my sharefolder so that my friends can analyse the ingredients that we have and organise a barter trade. I even watched my TVB dramas half heartedly while trying to re-vamp the layout of my 6-man strong restaurant simply named Yummacious.

I had unconciously ignored my blog, Grace, Mei Li and Josie’s blog, and ignored Twitter. YES, Twitter. I left Mei Li to spam Twitter on her own.

One day, this game will reach a level where i can’t level up anymore, and i will get my life back. Till then, to all my Facebook friends, please join this game so i can enter your restaurant to pick up a free ingredient. I love y’all.

Peace out.